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Mother-Son 2013 Super Bowl Social & TexasDiscJockeys.com

This is an annual “dance” or social that I do twice a year for this community center. We don’t actually call it a dance as we’re afraid it may “scare” away the boys. However, when the boys look around and see all the others dancing with their Mom, it’s not so bad.

In 2009 we first had 8 boys, this year the dance grew to 51 boys!!

This is a video of the Stuff IT game. I choose the three Mom’s of the three oldest boys at the dance, then quickly divide the Super Bowl attendees into three groups by the the birthday of the boy. The video shows how this is a full group participation game involving the Moms and the boys; all are blowing the balloon, tying the balloons and stuffing the Mom’s in their size 14XXXX T-shirts.

Here is an endorsement from the coordinator of the dance:

“I have been booking Timo for events [since 2008]. We book him twice a year for a Daddy Daughter Dance and a Mother Son Dance.

If I could I would give him 7 out of 5 stars on value because he is worth every penny! He is the entire event in one person.

His music is awesome, he brings some amazing party lights that really create the atmosphere, and he entertains THE ENTIRE NIGHT! He leads everything from games to teaching how to do some traditional party dances.

There is never a dull moment with Timo and he entertains kids and adults alike. A MUST HAVE at your next event!”

– A.W., Recreation Programs & Events Coordinator

Here is one more link to a few more of my video: http://www.djSimcha.com.

The company name that appears on this page is DJ Simcha, which is my business. The word Simcha in Hebrew means party or celebration, so I market this web site to Bar & Bat Mitzvah Celebrations.

I also have www.djSweet16.com and www.djQuinceanera.com and market those sites in kind.

For other similar videos by Timo.DJ, simply copy and paste these key search words into the YouTube bar:
“Timo.DJ Texas Disc Jockeys DJSimcha Daddy-Daughter Father-Daughter Mother-Son Group Participation”

Let me know how I can help!!

Your DJ, Timo.DJ

“We’re like family, but more organized!”

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