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Timo.DJ & Texas Disc Jockeys.Com: UP-LIGHTING (WIRELESS)! School Dance

In this video…
I have 7 up-lights around the room (on the dance floor) with the 8th light behind me on the stage. The first 30 seconds shows the lighting equipment without the up-lighting turned on.

The lights:
(2) Mirrorballs.
(3) Red/green lasers lights.
(3) Colored Gobos lights.
(8) LED Up-Lights.

Up-lighting provides the color! Wireless Up-lighting provides flexibility!

Yup, that’s right — you can now create that distinctive atmosphere of COLORFUL- WOW and you can place it virtually anywhere!!

Color-wash your entire room with just Pink, Blue, Red, Green or every color in between! In addition to our mirror balls, colored gobos, strobes and lasers, it’s your creativity that will now shine thru!

Up-lighting provides the color so you can be creative with your atmosphere. Wireless Up-lighting gives you the flexibility to place it virtually anywhere.

Under tables! Across doorways! On the dance floor! Even, on the second floor balcony!

Don’t worry about having unsightly feet of cords ruining you’re the look of your decore. Don’t worry about going past open doorways, because your guests won’t be tripping over any cords as they enter the room.

Create that COLORFUL-WOW!
Say, you want only a color wash of blue for the entire evening. No problem! Your entire room will be illuminated blue!! And, it’s so easy to choose any shade of blue.

Create a slow/warm fade between two, three or between a number of different colors? No problem!

Control the speed of the transition from one color to another:
Use slow transitions to create a warm glowing atmosphere. Or, use very quick strobing transitions on your dance floor to create that club atmosphere.
Your up-lighting can also be easily turned completely off any time. The options are virtually limitless…

Be Creative! Be Colorful! Be YOU!

Thanks for watching — your DJ, www.Timo.DJ

…Because of copyright laws I could not let the original song play which was “I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas.

“We’re like family, but more organized!”

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